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Walker Learning is a holistic approach to teaching to the whole of a child and committed to developing children who can think for themselves and for others, can create and imagine, who are strong in their literacy and numeracy, and who can navigate the challenges of the world with intrinsic motivation and a strength of character made of a strong sense of self and resilience.

Walker Learning is a pedagogy NOT a program, NOT a tool - it is a teaching and learning approach that personalises learning (Babies to Year 8) and is developmentally and culturally appropriate. 

Walker Learning

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Walker Learning is an holistic teaching and learning approach that is developmentally and culturally appropriate for children in their early childhood and primary years of education (babies through year 7).  Walker Learning places an emphasis upon relationships between teacher and child and family. It views the child holistically and values emotional and social life as important as the academic.

Walker Learning is a pedagogy NOT a program NOR a tool

Educators and leaders can apply to undertake the Walker Learning accrediation process when they demonstrate an understanding of the pedagogy, their practice consistently reflects the philosophy and core values of the pegagogy, and have undertaken at least 30 hours of professional learning and mentoring. The school leadership has embraced the pedagogy and support staff in resourcing for environments, mentoring and professional learning.

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Walker Learning is being implemented extensively across New Zealand and there is a Walker Learning School and Consultant in New Zealand. Visit this page to find out where we are and when we are conducting professional learning sessions close to you.


News and Updates

We are excited to be presenting at the 16th annual EARCOS Teacher's Conference in Bnagkok Thailand, March 29th -31st 2018.

EARCOS - The East Asia Regional Council of Schools is an organisation of 300 plus members including schools,... Read full story

We are delighted to present our 2018 Professional Learning brochures for Early Childhood Educators and Primary Educators in Australia and NZ.

Download the attached PDF or Click the image.

We will be in ALICE SPRINGS 21 to 23 September- don't miss out


This PD related immensely to challenges that I am dealing with especially in relation to children's diverse behaviours and why these behaviours might be occurring. The content covered so many areas! I feel that I left the PD more knowledgeable... Read full story

What a fabulous day!! Our observation was excellent, all of the teachers were very welcoming and happy to answer any questions we had. The session out of the classroom was presented to us in a great open discussion manner giving ample opportunity... Read full story

The Study Tour of Walker Learning at Anula Primary School was a interactive and engaging method of professional development. It was wonderful to see more than one teacher implementing the elements of Walker Learning in their classrooms. 

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