Early Life Foundations - Opportunity

Love the work we do at Early Life Foundations - here is an opportunity that may interest you!

  • Excellent at Social Media?
  • Have a flair for advertising - creating flyers, building profile on social media?
  • Looking for some casual work?
  • Read on!!

Early Life Foundations are looking for someone to join the team on a casual basis to help with managing our social media, creating flyers, and other tasks that require reasonable understanding of IT and advertising. 

  • Hours per week - range from 0 to 8 hours depending on demand
  • Work times - flexible
  • Work place – flexible
  • Pay scale - $25 / hour

If you are interested please provide a link to download your application with the following information through contact us at www.earlylife360.com

  1. Relevant professional and personal details (half page max)
  2. One paragraph describing your skills related to the our needs
  3. Choose two of our sessions from our 2017 brochures – one for Walker Learning and one for early childhood educators. For each session provide:
  • FB post
  • A4 flyer

Applications close on Friday 18 August.