This PD was one of the most valuable to understand Education Research Projects, especially how to utilise students interest. It provided clarity to both the teacher and student roles within this aspect of the Walker pedagogy. I appreciated the way Shona really targeted each individual teachers needs for the lesson and allowed us to have discussions... more
Stacey Karolidis

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welcome you to their website and the opportunity to browse for up-to-date knowledge, strategies and support for you as an educator, parent or carer.  Everything we provide on this website is evidence based and reflects our philosophy and mission to create a child focussed world - a world that is committed to providing an environment that gives every child the opportunity to thrive and flourish, to feel good about who they are as a person and as a learner, and to have the skills that set them up for success in the modern world.  Please enjoy free access to a range of support material including fact sheets, newsletters, editorials and articles.  

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