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NZ EDUCATORS - Don't miss this chance to see Walker Learning in action at the coal face at Lytton Street School (Feilding). A great opportunity to observe teachers tuning in and reflecting, children investigating, to hear from the leadership, have a school tour and an afternoon of professional learning from one of the Walker Learning team. If you want to see rigour implementation of Walker Learning this is the professional learning opportunity for you! Click this link for booking details.


Love the work we do at Early Life Foundations - here is an opportunity that may interest you!

Professional development opportunities for primary educators who would like to know more about Walker Learning: what it is, how it works and how to implement in your classroom.  

Introductory Walker Learning Overviews on 15 August (F-year2) and 16 August (years 3 to 6) - Book Now! 

Primary Educators - here is your chance to top up your knowledge and skills on how to seamlessly embed social and emotional learning in your everyday practice.  

Shona and Karen are looking forward to working with WA educators this week.  We are very lucky to be conducting two Study Tours at Frederick Irwin Anglican School in Mandurah on the 1st and 2nd August: this includes our very first WL (3-6) study tour.  The teaching teams and leadership at Frederick Irwin are inspirational and provide a fabulous demonstration of rigorous Walker Learning practice.

The pay and conditions including kindergarten teachers being managed by parent committees in VIC are all part of why there are so few high quality qualified Early Childhood Educators and therefore why Australia continues to lag behind most other countries.

Did you know we have a YouTube Channel with 7 video clips on parenting and Walker Learning -

This PD related immensely to challenges that I am dealing with especially in relation to children's diverse behaviours and why these behaviours might be occurring. The content covered so many areas! I feel that I left the PD more knowledgeable and motivated to put what I learnt into action in my everyday practices. Corrin Emerson Swinburne Children's Centres

How many times do we need to say this about NAPLAN?!

It is disturbing to find government ministers claiming that schools don't teach to the test and children and teachers don't become stressed about NAPLAN when it is clear that across the country they do ("Brands cash in on pupil test fear", 11/5). It is even more concerning that an ineffectual test, which measures so little in a narrow and meaningless way for individuals, pretends that it can capture the essence of what is happening across a county as diverse as Australia.

Kathy and Shona are delighted by the proposal by ACER to write a 3rd edition of Play Matters and a 2nd Edition of Engagment Matters.  We anticipate both new editions will be available early in 2018!  Keep posted!