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It was very beneficial to be able to walk through the various classrooms and talk to the teachers about their classroom set up and the types of materials used at the different investigation areas before the students arrived, and then be able to observe a teacher in active practise with the Walker Learning Pedagogy from start to finish...this was extremely valuable! It was good to be able to debrief afterwards and to be able to ask questions about Walker Learning with our Mentor.

Janet Hoek

I would encourage every passionate teacher to use this pedagogy in their teaching. Absolutely brilliant! The most productive and worthwhile PD I have ever been to.

Ashwina Wilburn

The two day course was excellent and has really impacted on my planning and preparation. it would be great to have some one on one time at the end to help each person plan their goals and strategies as this is the important part and guidance could be valueable.

Kristin Dadd

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