Our specialist team, lead by Directors Kathy Walker and Shona Bass, provide a wide variety of professional development opportunities and resources that provide the theoretical platform alongside the practical strategies to develop and enhance the skills educators need for successful education in the 21st Century.  

Excellence in teaching and learning demands an extensive range of skills including rigorous teaching and learning practice along side the skills of effective communication, leadership, conflict resolution and engaging parents. We work with school communities (leaders, educators and parents) across Australia and Internationally on an extensive suite of professional learning sessions.  Our professional learning brochure for primary educators provides a snapshot of professional learning opportunities such as:

Neuroscience Informing Practice

"I found the day to be informative, interesting and valuable. I found the presenters to be friendly , professional, practical, and really knew what a classroom situation was like. They we're able to relay practical information for use in the educational setting. Katie and I have implemented strategies in our class room and presented to the early years what we learnt on the day. I really enjoyed the presentation and would like to learn more."

Primary Educators


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Love the work we do at Early Life Foundations - here is an opportunity that may interest you!

Professional development opportunities for primary educators who would like to know more about Walker Learning: what it is, how it works and how to implement in your classroom.  

Primary Educators - here is your chance to top up your knowledge and skills on how to seamlessly embed social and emotional learning in your everyday practice.  


It was very beneficial to be able to walk through the various classrooms and talk to the teachers about their classroom set up and the types of materials used at the different investigation areas before the students arrived, and then be able to... Read full story

I would encourage every passionate teacher to use this pedagogy in their teaching. Absolutely brilliant! The most productive and worthwhile PD I have ever been to.

The two day course was excellent and has really impacted on my planning and preparation. it would be great to have some one on one time at the end to help each person plan their goals and strategies as this is the important part and guidance... Read full story