Early Life Foundations Innovative, independent and leaders in early childhood education across Australia.                                                                                 

Early Life Foundations provides a wide range of support services for early childhood educators (send us a message via contact us for more information) these include:

  • Professional learning sessions related to all aspects of early childhood education - effective planning and documentation, intentional teaching and so much more (refer to our PD brochure below)
  • Onsite mentoring for individual educators and teams
  • Leadership mentoring and support
  • School readiness assesments
  • Parent presentations
  • NQF preparation for assessment
  • Building communication skills and conflict resolution strategies
  • Building relationships with families
  • Cutting edge research and support for rigourous practice        

Early Childhood Educators


News and Updates

Shona will be in ALICE SPRINGS 21 to 23 September- don't miss out

Love the work we do at Early Life Foundations - here is an opportunity that may interest you!

Shona and Karen are looking forward to working with WA educators this week.  We are very lucky to be conducting two Study Tours at Frederick Irwin Anglican School in Mandurah on the 1st and 2nd August: this includes our very first WL (3-6) study... Read full story


Thanks Shona for your honesty and sharing some very valuable thought provoking information with us. There were some catch phrases you used (such as 'get rid of the fluff') and some metaphors (such as the 'doctor's clinical notes') that I will... Read full story

This PD related immensely to challenges that I am dealing with especially in relation to children's diverse behaviours and why these behaviours might be occurring. The content covered so many areas! I feel that I left the PD more knowledgeable... Read full story

I definitely gained some new ways of thinking about how to use materials. Also, the value of Combining different types of media and using the correct paper. I also learned about some glue/ adhesive products I was previously unaware of. Overall an... Read full story